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Say Hello to Jack

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Hello! Thanks for being here. This is the first of a series of posts introducing Hello Jack to the world, and explaining the inspiration, purpose, and thought behind its development.

Some quick info:

  1. Hello Jack is an online platform that will be mobile and/or web-based

  2. It will be used for multi-generational skill sharing between members

  3. Multi-generational means across generations (i.e elderly and young adults)

  4. Hello Jack is a Movember funded project, and is made possible through their support

  5. It is being co-developed by Movember Canada and Knot Lab Inc.

What to expect:

As we (Knot Lab) develop the project, we will update our insights page with articles that go deeper into the thought behind the design + development decisions we are making. We want to bring you into the process to learn as much as we are as we go.



Research Themes:

  1. Social isolation amongst the elderly, and men in particular

  2. The mental health implications of social isolation

  3. Universally accessible UX/UI design

  4. Technology and social interaction

  5. Maker culture

  6. Skill sharing and mentorship

  7. Designing for the elderly, where we have succeeded and fallen short

  8. Experiential learning

  9. Generational skill sharing

  10. Many more to come


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