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Jacks are the makers, creators, hobbyists, tinkerers, and crafters.
They are the seniors in our society whose tactile skills and wisdom is completely untapped.


Jack is your neighbour,

the self-taught artist.


Jack is your grandmother,

making family dishes from scratch.


Jack is your uncle,

retired carpenter turned hobbyist.

Connect. Create. Grow
Connect. Create. Grow
Connect. Create. Grow

Hello Jack is a platform facilitating connections between younger people and seniors through skill-sharing and mentorship.

Seniors are encouraged to host an informal workshop at their home or public venue, where their tactile skill - changing a car tire or making cheese, for example - can be shared!   

We believe that friendships built on shared interests and intergenerational mentorship can help combat social isolation, encouraging a healthy dialogue between people of varied backgrounds and perspectives

"We see people turning to YouTube to learn things like starting a fire while camping or how to begin painting their home.

Instead, why not connect, create, and grow across generations with Hello Jack."

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