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the Team

We started Hello Jack because we believe in the importance of inter-generational connection. We have all experienced first hand the beauty of learning from elders in our lives and want to bring that experience to as many people as possible. 


It took a long time for me to see the value in learning from those who are older than me. Realizing the importance of inter-generational connection has unlocked a whole new aspect of what it means to live fully! I am proud of the work I have been able to contribute to Hello Jack and am excited to see the impact it can have on people on both sides of the workshop. I’m also excited to see the new skills I can pickup along the way.

Frank Petrisano | Co-Founder


From a young age I was drawn towards the garage to check out my dad’s latest project, or watching vigilantly as my grandmothers kneaded at their latest culinary creation. The artistic flare, honing of craft, and personality that shines through when humans create is fascinating. How one person does it slightly differently from the next. The memory of who first taught them. The anecdote behind a specific trick or style. The exchanging of skills and stories is really one of the most beautiful things we can partake in.

Alexandra Pittiglio | Co-Founder

Hello Jack is a platform facilitating connections between younger people and seniors through skill-sharing and mentorship.

Seniors are encouraged to host an informal workshop at their home or public venue, where their tactile skill - changing a car tire or making cheese, for example - can be shared!   

We believe that friendships built on shared interests and intergenerational mentorship can help combat social isolation, encouraging a healthy dialogue between people of varied backgrounds and perspectives

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