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Meet Jack

Jack is wise

Jack is skilled 

Jack is experienced

Jack is eager to share

Jack is ready to learn.

Jack is...

Your older neighbour who always seems to be busy doing or making something around his house. He has an incredible garden in the backyard, an impressive workshop in the garage, and changes the oil on his car by himself. Jack just knows how. Jack is eager to share.


Jack is...

That young man you occasionally see at the cafe doing something on his computer. You can't see his screen, but he is looking up videos to try and learn how to patch the hole in his drywall. He likes trying and experiencing new things, but doesn't know how to begin. Jack is ready to learn.

Hello Jack Logo.png

Hello Jack is...

A place where they can come together through a multi-generational skill sharing platform. Experienced,  skilled, and wise seniors are able to impart their knowledge on younger Canadians looking for new information. It's an application that helps eager to share seniors experience new social connections with a younger generation that values skill-building.

Say Hello to Jack. 

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Hello Jack is...

A project being co-developed with Movember  and Knot Lab Inc. The partnership was made possible through Movember's Social Connections Challenge. Knot Lab has started an insight series where they are publishing research and data that support the development and design of the platform. Follow along here: Hello Jack Research

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